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Will Hunt has been making fine quality cues in London, England for 35 years. He was a founding partner of Hunt and O’Byrne which at the beginning of the 1980’s resurrected bespoke hand made cue making producing arguably the best cues in the world at the time.
  • In 1984 Hunt and O’Byrne were the first to produce butt jointed cues with screw in extensions
  • H & O’B made cues for countless professional players and the cues have won numerous professional ranking tournaments including the world championship
  • When the professional ranks were 140 in number over half either had H&O’B cues or had extensive H&O’B alterations
Will has continued to produce the highest quality snooker cues throughout his career currently under his own name;
  • In 2010 Will decided that in order to provide the highest quality cues at more affordable prices to limit the specification and range of cues.
  • This enables the manufacturing process to focus on maintaining the highest standards of quality and provide real value for money
  • Following a rigorous selection process only the highest quality ash, maple, ebony and various rosewoods are used by Will in the making of his cues.
  • Will personally retains complete control of the manufacturing process working on every single cue and only supplying the very best quality products across his range
Will Hunt - London. 670 likes · 16 talking about this. Will Hunt has been making top quality Snooker Cues since the early 1980's. This is the official...
Worldwide trade enquiries welcomed
Individual cues are now available from us on eBay

Will Hunt (London) Green Plate Cues will now be made with serial numbers following several instances of forgeries. All genuine Will Hunt (London) Green Plate cues made since 2010 to now, featuring plain name plates, should not depreciate in value because of this; they are an important part of Will's long and extensive cue-making career.

Bespoke Will Hunt (London) Green Plate Cues can be ordered via Facebook or the Email service provided on the Contact page. Orders for bespoke cues should only be for Green Plates, no longer than 58" and with a butt diameter of less than 30mm; if you do want a cue with a length over 58" or a butt diameter larger than 30mm there will be an additional (albeit dependant) charge.